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    Argo was founded in 1970 in Nicosia and was officially characterized as the first serious attempt to systematically promote Art in the newly formed State of Cyprus. Ιts activity in Athens started in 1976. Argo was inaugurated by MarinosKalligas, former director of the National Gallery. Argo is a founding member of PSAT. Also has published collectibles art publications, silkscreens, engravings and sculptures and often combines artistic with cultural events. In 2014, an artistic “Chronicle” titled "Art in Argo" was released, which covers "forty years" (1970 - 2010) of the gallery’s history. All the exhibitions and events of intellectual interest that were hosted are presented. Texts and images coexist in this original edition, the artists are featured with comments and reviews from art critics. Argo promotes established and young creators. It hosts exhibitions of various styles without avoiding innovative projects. It is open to all artistic trends that have to give a work of substance.
    Neofytou Douka 5
    , Greece