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    Sentimental Education
    Five “sentimental” meetings formed by five unexpected narratives. Katerina Zacharopoulou meets artists and curators with the purpose to open different dialogues about artworks, writings and images that have created sentiments to each of us. We all share the same city, the same streets, the same symbols. Each one of us carries a story of their own. Origins, memories from places of belonging, neighborhoods and buildings with their own history, objects that their use was transformed and became unrecognizable, the folk way of living that disappears or hides, writings that are “re-lived”, the Others that came from afar. And the artists that narrate through their own experience what they have observed around them, visible and invisible, they will be as they always were, the diaries of their time. “Sentimental Education” is a way to tell the story.

    The Live Talks section will also include the annual talk of the Educational Program of the Hellenic Art Galleries Association and The J.F. Costopoulos Foundation, conducted in collaboration with Athens School of Fine Arts, and directed by Daphne Politi, Head of the Educational Program 2020/2021. The Program took place for the fourth consecutive year, with the participation of 140 students from the Fine Arts and Art History Departments of A.S.F.A.

    Distant ideas, familiar stories
    Saturday, 13.11.2021
    13:00 - 14:00
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    Stamatis Schizakis
    Curator National Museum of Contemporary Art
    Fivi Giannisi
    Poet, Architect, Professor at the University of Thessaly, Department of Architectural Engineering
    Katerína Zacharopoulou