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    Zina Athanasiadou Gallery was founded by Zina Athanasiadou in 1983. The gallery promotes contemporary art nationally and internationally. Its aim is to discover and support the work of emerging as well as established greek artists. The gallery occupies two premises, one in Thessaloniki and another one on the island of Paros as well as an art consultancy bureau in Athens, Greece.
    5, P. P. Germanou str.
    , Greece
    Shape Rythm, 2016
    Martha Zmpounou
    watercolor, pencil on paper
    50cm x 70cm
    Untitled, 1964
    Nikos Kessanlis
    65cm x 115cm
    Untitled, 2021
    Vasilis Michailidis
    acrylics on canvas
    200cm x 180cm
    The Sailor Hoisted the Sails up to the Nest, 2020
    Kostis Velonis
    oil, acrylics, ink, marker, paper collage on canvas
    150cm x 150cm
    Scream, 2021
    Yanna Kali
    colored pencil, graphite on paper
    60cm × 97cm
    Helen, 2021
    Dimitris Tzamouranis
    oil on wood
    130cm x 100cm
    Effective Dreamer, 2021
    Lina Theodorou
    acrylics on canvas
    90cm x 180cm
    The Disgorgement, 2019
    Alexandros Psychoulis
    pen on paper
    40cm x 80cm
    Reference to Renè , 2021
    Maria Papadimitriou
    acrylics on canvas
    120cm x 120cm
    Peacock, 2018
    Apostolos Ntelakos
    porcelain, copper
    34cm x 9cm x 22cm
    Crying for Everything, 2021
    Fotini Kariotaki
    acrylics on canvas
    140cm x 160cm
    The First Mourning, 2021
    Rania Emmanouilidou
    oil and resin on canvas
    140cm x 160cm
    Untitled, 2020
    Lena Athanasopoulou
    mixed media
    115cm x 115cm
    Disaster as Moral Decomposition, 2019
    Georgia Damopoulou
    resin, thread, copper tube
    150cm x 160cm