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    Skoufa Gallery opened in 1981 exhibiting works by contemporary Greek artists. Host of historically significant, contemporary artists of the 1930's, the gallery aims to introduce the then-emerging generation of Greek artists. In 2000 the gallery opened its additional space on the first floor of the building to feature a selection of fine art pieces and exhibitions primarily by emerging artists who demonstrate innovative ideas in painting, sculpture, works on paper, design objects, and ceramics. Skoufa Gallery is committed to promoting the polymorphic character of art in the contemporary age.
    Skoufa 4
    , Greece
    The masks of the painter , 2020
    Tassos Mantzavinos
    oil on canvas
    100cm x 100cm
    Theater in the forest, 2021
    Irini Iliopoulou
    oil on canvas
    90cm x 120cm
    The Lovers, 2021
    Kalliopi Assargiotaki
    oil on canvas
    180cm x 170cm
    Porto Greco, 2021
    Jenny Saridi
    collage, acrylics, pastel, colour pencils, markers on paper
    50cm x 80cm
    Sirens, 2021
    George Hadoulis
    glazed ceramic
    69cm x 35,5cm
    Acropolis Afternoon Glow, 2020
    George Hadoulis
    charcoal, ink, pastel on paper
    100cm x 150cm
    Rythm, Red, 2021
    Stella Meletopoulou
    threads, pasted painted papers on canvas
    100cm x 120cm
    Cyclists, 2016
    Panayiotis Beldekos
    mixed media on canvas
    193cm x 147cm
    The villa near the volcano, 2021
    Nikos Angelidis
    oil on canvas
    60cm x 115cm
    Sunset , 2021
    Antonis Staveris
    acrylic on canvas
    110cm x 230cm
    Daydreamer, 2020
    Vassilis Perros
    acrylic, graphite on canvas
    120cm x 120cm
    The wedding, 2021
    Achilleas Razis
    acrylic on canvas
    111cm x 140cm
    We, 2021
    Maria Giannakaki
    acrylic, pastel on silk
    130cm x 150cm
    Days passing by, 2021
    Tina Karageorgi
    ink, pigments on handmade Japanese paper
    113cm x 196cm