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    Since its inception in 1995 Kalfayan Galleries have been a pioneer in the expansion of the contemporary art scene in Greece and abroad. With a particular focus on Greece, the Balkans and the MENAM region, the gallery has established a strong international profile globally through a broad spectrum of projects, participations in art fairs and collaborations with museums and art institutions. The gallery's roster reflects the unique character of acting as a bridge between Eastern and Western visual culture. Ιn addition, Kalfayan Galleries have laid the foundations for the historical research of the art scene in Greece through a multi-level exhibition and publishing program which is distinguished for the creative dialogue between contemporary and post-war art.
    11 Haritos Str.
    , Greece
    Erasure, 2021
    Yiannis Papadopoulos
    oil on canvas
    50 x 60 cm
    Nigredo, 2017
    Panos Tsagaris
    gold leaf on archival inkjet print
    Diptych_150 x 90 cm_Each
    Happiness, 2019
    handstitched textile
    82 x 188 cm
    Formula, 2016
    Bill Balaskas
    33 x 134 cm
    Erasure, 2016
    Yiannis Papadopoulos
    oil on fabric
    50 x 60 cm
    Control Of My Own Paradise, 2021
    Farida El Gazzar
    acrylic on paper, vintage style frame selected by the artist
    21 x 27 cm
    Both Light And Darkness Are Gone Yet We Remain, 2019
    Panos Tsagaris
    gold leaf, acrylic, spray paint and silkscreen on canvas
    180 x 140 cm
    Garden, 2017
    Anna Maria Tsakali
    acrylic and oil on canvas
    80 x 80 εκ.
    Parallel Universe, 2020
    Maro Μichalakakos
    watercolor on paper
    76 x 56 cm
    Pelage, 2019
    Maria Loizidou
    stainless steel, metal
    160 x 180 30 cm
    Synectron - Square, "Analogiques 1" Series, 1972
    Nausica Pastra
    acrylic on paper laid down on wood
    54 x 54 cm
    Erasure, 2021
    Yiannis Papadopoulos
    oil on fabric
    50 x 60 cm
    My Personal Hourglass no.40, 2019
    Rania Bellou
    pencil on colored tissue paper
    41 x 29 cm
    Untitled, 2021
    Edouard Sacaillan
    acrylic on canvas
    80 x 90 cm
    You little imp, 2021
    Kostis Velonis
    acrylic, oil and gesso on canvas
    100 x 100 cm
    Landscape Pliancy (concrete), 2021
    Andreas Ragnar Kassapis
    oil on wood
    40 x 50 cm
    Untitled, 2021
    Antonis Donef
    mixed media and collage on canvas
    80 x 60 cm