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    In the place where housed the old “COSTAL” industry, ENIA GALLERY was created, as a reference point for contemporary art and culture, which purpose is to play a leading role in the visual scene of Greece.
    Mesologgiou 55
    , Greece
    Myriorama Room , 2016
    Bella Easton
    Pencil on paper
    37x80 cm
    The Lake, 2021
    Ioannis Savvidis
    Watercolor on paper
    35x85 cm
    Untitled, 2014
    George Gyzis
    Acrylic on paper
    230x50 cm
    Future, 2013
    Clay Smith
    C-type print
    76x76 cm
    Dazibao, 2020
    Marios Spiliopoulos
    Mixed media on paper
    36x29 cm
    On the Origin of Art, Las Meninas, 2014
    Artemis Potamianou
    Mixed media
    85x115 cm
    Capture in Summer, 2019
    Guillaume Krick
    Egg tempera on canvas
    72,3x92 cm
    Sad, 2018
    Clara Juliane Glauert
    Triptych, watercolor, gold leaf, chinese ink on paper
    65x50 cm
    Small Portrait, 2015
    Aggelos Antonopoulos
    Mixed media
    26x21 cm
    Rememberens, 2018
    Alexander Mood
    Inkjet Print
    50x70 cm
    Who the People, 2015
    Lanfranco Aceti
    photographic print
    25x25 cm
    Swallow All the World, 2019
    Mario Fournaris
    Color pencils, pencil and ink on paper
    100x70 cm
    No one has the right to obey, 2007
    Mark Titchner
    60x42,5 cm
    'There’s Always a Princess', 2021
    Jackie Berridge
    Oil on canvas
    80x100 cm