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    In the place where housed the old “COSTAL” industry, DL gallery was created, as a reference point for contemporary art and culture, which purpose is to play a leading role in the visual scene of Greece.
    Mesologgiou 55
    , Greece
    Default Error, 2011
    Andreas Marti
    Inkjet print on aluminum
    29,7x21 cm
    Allegory, 2020
    Nikos Leontopoulos
    Inkjet print
    50x70 cm
    0° a 5000 mt, 2017
    Beba Stoppani
    Inkjet print
    90x120 cm
    1965 elections, 2021
    Kallia Papadopoulou
    Pencil on paper
    100x70 cm
    Dark Tree, 2018
    Rea Papadopoulou
    Inkjet print
    60x90 cm
    Silence, 2020
    Renée Revah
    Inkjet print
    60x90 cm
    Untitled, 2019
    Ioannis Lassithiotakis
    Emulsion on canvas
    125x90 cm
    Second Chance, 2021
    Apostolos Karakatsanis
    Ink on paper
    29x40 cm
    Paradise, 2020
    Michalis Karaiskos
    Oil on canvas
    105x150 cm
    Untitled, 2010
    Dimitris Yeros
    Inkjet print
    80x60 cm
    Inhabitants, 2021
    Katerina Zafeiropoulou
    Window marker on glass, pencil on rice paper, photo collage
    70X100 cm
    Milos, 2021
    Nicos Samaras
    Oil on canvas
    100x100 cm