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    CHEAPART was established in 1995 in Athens, Greece. Until this day, the organization maintains an annual agenda of group and solo shows, festivals and cultural projects in Greece and abroad. CHEAPART continuously expands its network, enabling artists from the local and international art scene to experiment with new ideas. CHEAPART has developed a trusted network of partners, institutions, galleries, curators and artists of international recognition and prestige. In this way, the organization materializes its contemporary art and cultural agenda inside and outside national borders.
    25 A.Metaxa str.
    , Greece
    How is your kitchen, 2021
    Marilia Kolibiri
    Acrylics on canvas
    2,00 x 1,60 m.
    Expiation, 2020
    Francesca Boutsi
    Weaving, acrylic thread, light
    Francesca Boutsi
    The calligrapher, the sculptor and the climber, 2019
    Orestis Karalis
    Plaster, metal scaffold
    7,50 x 5,50 m.
    Atromitos Peristeriou, 2020
    Babis Karalis
    Wood, plastic pipes, styrofoam, gold leaves, semi-precious stones, good religious tokens, pigeon repellents
    7,00 x 1,90 x 0,60 m.
    Serket, 2021
    Elio Samara
    Iron, aluminium, bronze
    Variable dimensions