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    Alibi Gallery was established in 2017 by Ioulianna Georgiadou and Pasquale Comigniani. Our mission is to discover young artists who explore contemporary issues in original, innovative and provocative ways, and enable them to attain their full potential in terms of artistic creation and public recognition.Alibi Gallery presents the work of both emerging and established artists, with a strong focus onthe local scene and artistic practices that engage with the city of Athens.
    12 Sarri Str.
    , Greece
    techniques for erratic unfolding, 2020
    Sofia Rozaki
    Acrylic paint and sprey on canvas
    70 x 140 cm
    the floor is lava, 2019
    Sofia Rozaki
    mixed media on canvas
    90cm x 210cm
    Spellbound, 2021
    Billy Gee
    Acrylic colours on canvas
    83cm x 132cm
    Man on Earth, world black, 2020
    Iakovos Volkov
    silicone and found plastic bags on laminated map
    140,50cm x 97cm
    from gap as gap, 2020
    Sofia Rozaki
    color pencil, watercolor pencil, markers on paper
    23cm x 34cm
    Alertness, 2021
    Billy Gee
    Acrylics on canvas
    120cm x 140cm
    Banana III, 2021
    Naya Magaliou
    Acrylics on carton
    146cm x 51cm
    at the high point of our intimacy, 2020
    Sofia Rozaki
    oil and acrylic paint on canvas
    90cm x 90cm
    sometimes i still remember you, 2017
    Iakovos Volkov
    inkjet on archival paper 2/3 Edition of 3
    85cm x 58cm
    Banana I, 2021
    Naya Magaliou
    Acrylics on carton
    153,7cm x 56cm
    forgotten seas 003, waves series, 2021
    Iakovos Volkov
    plastic bags and mazut on found wood
    187cm x 81cm x 7cm
    Orpheus2, 2021
    Phil Goss
    glazed ceramics
    27cm x 23cm
    Orpheus, 2021
    Phil Goss
    glazed ceramics
    38cm x 20cm
    Shopping centre, 2020
    Phil Goss
    mixed media on carved wooden panel
    32cm x 23cm