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    Artower Agora Gallery has a continuous presence in contemporary art, with a long-term and multifaceted work the last 22 years, with many solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. It was founded in 1999 by Konstantinos Karantinos and ever since has been operated by Gianna Karantinou, who represents the gallery. At the same time Artower Agora Gallery has made a series of projects and collaborations with Greek and foreign artists. Now it continues with a new exhibition form, on the second floor of the Artower building at 10 Armodiou street.
    Armodiou 10
    , Greece
    Figure 1,2,3 , 2021
    Sidnea d' Amico
    Acrylic,Drawing, Resin on Board and on Panel
    Triptych 76.2cm x12.7 cm each
    Forest , 2011
    Maro Kelaidi
    160cm x 160cm
    Swimmers, 2019
    Tasos Dimos
    Acrylic and oil on canvas
    200cm x 240cm
    Hug , 2018
    Paulina Cassimatis
    40cm x 24 cm x 24 cm
    Levitation I, 2016
    Paschalis Angelidis
    Oil on canvas
    50cm x 40cm
    Thistles , 2020
    Popi Zoidi
    Vinyl colours on wood
    18cm x 15cm
    Hydrovios Anagrammatismos 1, 2021
    Anna Kakoulli
    Acrylic on canvas
    120cm x 300cm
    Untitled, 2021
    Christogiannis Koufopoulos
    Oil pastel on Canson
    33cm x 43cm
    Untitled, 2018
    Mariella Tsaldari
    140cm x 180cm
    Untitled, 2016
    Costas Varotsos
    Plexiglass on glass on metal base
    50cm x 30 cm x 135 cm
    Trilogy , 2021
    Aristide Patsoglou
    15cm x 5cm x 54cm
    Τo nou sou , 2021
    Canuto Kallan
    Mixed media on paper Fabriano
    60cm x 50cm
    East in a field , 2011
    Eleni Chourmouzi
    70 cm x 100 cm
    Carbon on paper
    Ouroboros , 2020
    Stylianos Vrakas
    Oil on canvas
    110 cm x 130 cm
    Metoo 2, 2017
    Stamatis Samakouris
    Oil on canvas
    200cm x 140cm